Welcome to Preacher Network

The church needs the five fold ministry, the world needs the ministry of the evangelist. We are functioning on 20 percent of our ability, we have a chruch today where the pastor is the key man and visionary when in reality God has set in the church five ministries to perfect he chruch and bring it into kingdom maturity

there are countless men out there who have quit the ministry, some because of burnout others because of undulfiment, many lack direction and fellowship, it is my passion to help such brothers get back into ministry, first online and then offline. I want to help you build your ministry and invest your gift into this generation. This generation needs you we need your word we need your message we need you.

whether you are new to ministry of experienced we want to build a network of power preachers, men who have a passion to preach the gospel as the apostles preached it ignorer to see it like they saw it, men who’ve a passion for a book acts awakening. a awakening to salvation acts style and the one true god Jesus Christ.